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1 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Wallpaper

Hello all. My name is Vera-Sabe and I just joined this wonderful community. I absolutely love classic films and classic leading men (and women). My love for them is courtesy of my wonderful mom who raised me from birth to see such wonderful films as she loves classic movies, actors, and actresses herself.

My all-time favorite actors are Gregory Peck and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. I haven't made any Greogy Peck wallpapers yet, but will plan to soon. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. one and I'm going to make more wallpapers of him soon, too. Also, feel free to snag and save it on your desktops, computers, etc. Feedback is really welcomed! :-)

The title is not my own... oh, Fairbanks is not mine either, but I won't go there, lol. I got the title from Selena's song Dreaming of You. May they both R.I.P.

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